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Wherever possible, in keeping with our clients' preferences, we like to use oil-and-wax finishes, hand rubbed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. This is beneficial in a number of ways:

  1. it makes for easy and safe clean-up;
  2. it requires no special power-driven equipment to apply;
  3. it maintains a healthy atmosphere for those applying it - no harmful chemicals or solvents;
  4. it means no residual off-gassing in its final destination, a major consideration in this overly-polluted environment we live in these days.

Although there are many excellent preparations out there today, we like Sam Maloof Oil and Wax finish for our furniture and installations, a wipe-on finish with excellent sheen, coverage and durability. We have found that this finish is easily repairable, making touch-up and finish match a breeze. We supply a small vial with every order for home touch-ups.

Should extra color and tone be needed on the piece, we use Minwax stains because of wide availability and consistency for matching. Exotic stains and fillers are available for something more out of the ordinary in terms of color and tone.

Obviously, there are certain applications, such as exterior doors and windows, where a more durable product is required to withstand the elements. We will work with you to find the best product for the intended use. All painted applications are supplied with a non-toxic primer, toned to your requirements, ready for the finish coats.

Other finish formulations, such as French polish, shellac, etc. are available on a special order basis. We work with several finishing shops to provide just what is needed.

Should you have questions on finishes or other aspects of our making, feel free to email us at the address on the contact page.

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