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Energy Use

We have been in our new premises (see home page) since August 2007, designed to take advantage of abundant natural light in all areas. With a clear-story running the entire length of the shop, our energy consumption for lighting has been cut considerably. Energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs help in the savings. The shop lay-out even contributes to the overall picture, being a fully open plan with no hidden corners needing additional fixtures. The entire configuration, with the machines on rolling stands, is infinitely adaptable, making the most of space and flow.

In the last two years, our pre-dry shed and two solar kilns (6,000 board feet each) have come on-line, producing lumber in six-week cycles, using only a fan to turn the air. These facilities are stocked with DraftWood © Appachian Hardwoods from the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation, a local, non-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Please see the "sustainable practice" section under this heading for more information on using horses for logging. Please call Jason Rutledge for information on how your property can be utilized for timber extraction yet remain natural and vibrant ecologically.

We encourage our clients and friends to explore this growing area of green energy generation, conservation and products. We have found the web a great way to get information and contacts to pursue our own initiatives. Some links that may prove valuable to you:

www.nrdc.org - The Natural Resource Defense Council
www.goodtobegreen.com - Green building products and professionals
www.gaiam.com - Wind power generators
www.planetark.org - Green living articles
www.greenbuildexpo..org - National green building and living annual show
www.350.org    - Activist site to help combat CO2 emissions and global warming
www.culturequake.org  - Chuck Barr’s site to support local sustainable activity
www.ThomHartmann.com  - Thom Hartmann’s site for an alternative look at Western culture
www.passivehouse.us  - passive solar housing ideas
www.greenbuildexpo.org – annual convention and exposition of USGBC
www.darksky.org  - International Dark Sky Association
www.aldoleopold.org  - Aldo Leopold Foundation – sustainable agriculture and building
www.climatechangecorp.com  - climate news for business
www.ethicalcorporationinstitute.com  - business  ethics
www.thenaturalabode.com - green products for the home, applicances, garden

These will provide a wealth of information and lead you to others of significant value in other areas.

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